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CIFEMA was founded in 1978. It was, in the beginning, a humble and traditional foctory in which all kind of furniture was made. As the time possed by the professional team that make up our compony, moking every endeavor to succeed, become more and more skillful in doors manufacture, making compatible new technologies with traditional craftsmonship. As result, it got a trade recognition and support among the best professionols as well as it's available at every main door's outlet in Spain.

According with its founder tradition, the younger generation already in volved in the 'CIFEMA's Plan', vouch for the company philosophy. From its 6,580 yd2 of foctory and focilities CIFEMA has managed to strengthen its position into the Sponish morket, while it successful/y set out to export and reached the tough deal to win the foreign market oppreciation with CIFEMA's brand name and image.

Finally, we wish to express our gratitude for the trust our customers have placed in our firm, and we will honor our commitment to go ahead deserving both your support and confidence whereas we afford as best response.